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Details of the Olympiad:
Students participating in the Olympiad will have to go through a written objective type one-hour test. The test is entirely based on objective type questions i.e. Multiple choice, match the following, true and false etc. The syllabus of the olympiad will be based on the course contents of previous classes as prescribed by CBSE /ICSE & various state board. Mathematics, G.K., & English Olympiad are separate exams, students can choose either one of the topics or can take part in all the subjects. Puzzle's, Colouring Olympiad is for classes Nursery to 8th which includes Puzzle's drawing & other fun solving material for younger students which will help them to build their mind and personality.

Different topics for the Olympiad:
Puzzle's Olympiad Nursery to 8th Standard
Colouring Olympiad Nursery to 8th Standard
Mathematics Olympiad Nursery to 10th Standard
English Olympiad Nursery to 10th Standard
G.K. Olympiad Nursery to 10th Standard
Conditions Governing the Contest:
There will be a written test of one- hour duration and shall comprise of multiple choice questions, True & Flase, Fill in the blanks, short answer questions etc. Participating students will get Question-cum - answer sheet on which they are required to mark their answer.
Participants of Puzzle's Olympiad & Colouring Olympiad are required to bring their colours on the day of the Olympiad.
Question-cum-Answer sheets will be provided 4-5 days before the Olympiad date, which schools are required to return after finishing the Olympiad.
We are also providing sample Practice Paper for practice so that students will get the idea of the competition.
Venue for the competition will be respetive school itself.
Checking and processing of result will be done by Procom. Result will be provided with in one-Month time.
It is an inter school competition, first round will be held in the participating school itself and after conducting the first round top scoring students will be  selected for the final inter school round of the contest
Benefits to Participating Students

Procedure for Conducting the Olympiad:

About the Final Inter School Round

Every Participant will get very attractive gift and Certificate of Participation.
Winning Students will get Certificate of Merit and Prizes from the Supporting Companies.
School interested in participation will have to decide the date itself as per their own convenience and available schedule. Depending upon on the number of students participating in each subject we will provide Olympiad papers to the school before one week of the Olympiad date specified by the school. Result along with the prizes of the competition will be provided with in one month, after receiving the answer sheets from the school.
After finishing the first round of the Olympiad selected students will be appearing in the final inter school round for which dates will be provided by the school authorities. Final round will be held in the respective school itself.

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